So you have heard about CBD and how good it is for what seems like every illness or disease on the planet, from anxiety to seizures to pain killing – its possibilities seem endless. You might be at the point where you are considering maybe trying it for yourself but there is one thing holding you back: will CBD oil show on a drug test? Maybe you have a job that is very strict or you just don’t want it coming up on any exam. Whatever your reason is, in this article we will be taking a closer look at if CBD oil shows up on drug tests.

What is CBD oil?

CBD is one of the main ingredients that can be derived from the hemp plant, with the other being THC. However, unlike the later, CBD is not psychoactive – this means that it will not intoxicate you or change your brain chemistry but it still will give you that sense of relaxation that is associated with hemp. CBD can be taken in a number of forms, from vaping to ingesting by putting drops under your tongue, to creams and even patches. Studies are proving that it is a very versatile drug that can be used to lessen the symptoms of a huge range of illnesses such as cancer, alzihiems and anxiety just to name a mere few.

Will CBD Oil Show on a Drug Test?

Does CBD oil turn up on a drug test?

In short the answer is “no”. However, as CBD does come from the same plant as THC, it is possible that it could be contaminated and thus can show up on a drug test if there is enough present in the product that you have taken, Click here for how CBD oil can cause a failed drug test. This is why it is so important when buying your CBD that you buy a third party recommended product, this means that you are getting what you are paying for and it also gives you peace of mind that it won’t be contaminated. The short of the story is, the better quality the product, the lesser chance it has of containing THC.

How can you be sure that your CBD doesn’t contain THC?

Now comes the hard part: how can you be certain that you are paying for CBD and not buying CBD that is contaminated? First and foremost you must read the ingredients label very carefully, and if possible try to find one that lists the amount of CBD in the product. You should also try to find out where the product comes from as different countries have different manufacturing processes and laws about what the product can and cannot contain. It also needs to be taken into account that some products that contain CBD can only be obtained with a prescription from the doctor. Learn more how is cannabidiol different from marijuana at

In conclusion, whilst it shouldn’t show up on a drug test, CBD can sometimes show up if it has been tainted with THC. For this reason it is very important that before taking CBD for the first time you speak with a medical professional and research in detail the product that you wish to buy and use.